Try It!

You can send SQL statements to endb over HTTP or WebSockets. Any HTTP or WebSocket client will do, and Endb ships with a console and client libraries.


Our first couple examples will use curl, which you probably already have installed, to send queries directly to the API.

curl -d "INSERT INTO users (name) VALUES ('Tianyu')" -H "Content-Type: application/sql" -X POST http://localhost:3803/sql
curl -d "SELECT * FROM users" -H "Content-Type: application/sql" -X POST http://localhost:3803/sql

You don't need to use the API diretly if there is a client library available for your language of choice, but it is helpful to know that the underlying API is human-readable and based on open standards. Read more in the full HTTP API docs.


Endb provides a small console for writing Endb SQL directly:

pip install endb_console
endb_console # connects to localhost by default

Assuming you inserted a user with curl above, you can query that table directly:

-> SELECT * FROM users;

Read more in the Console doc.

Client Libraries

Endb ships with permissively-licensed (MIT) client libraries:

pip install endb
npm install @endatabas/endb

You can copy and modify their source code for any purpose. Read more about how to use them in the client libraries docs.

Learning Endb SQL

You can use any of these tools (or any other HTTP client you prefer) for the rest of this tutorial.