Data Types


Endb supports the following native scalar types for now.

JSON-LD values with a type of @json will be returned from Endb as JSON literals, verbatim. The @type listed in parentheses is for reference purposes only. JSON literal types are implicit so a @value/@type pair is not returned for a JSON literal.

SQLJSON-LDExample LiteralDescription
NULL@jsonnullNull, nil, undefined, or missing
TEXT@json (xsd:string)"hello"UTF-8 string
BOOLEAN@json (xsd:boolean)FALSE8-bit boolean
INTEGER@json (xsd:int[eger])4264/128-bit two's complement integer
REAL@json (xsd:double)9007199254740992.12364-bit IEEE 754 floating point number
TIMESTAMPxsd:dateTime2007-01-01T00:00:00ISO microsecond precision timestamp
DATExsd:date2007-01-01ISO date
TIMExsd:time23:30:00ISO time
INTERVALxsd:durationPT12H34M56.789SISO interval
BLOBxsd:base64Binaryx'DEADBEEF'Binary large object

SQL Data Types are covered in detail in the SQL Reference.


SQLJSON-LDExample LiteralDescription
ARRAY@json["Joe", "Dan", "Dwayne"]Zero-based array
OBJECT@json{n: 3, b: 2023-01-01}Object, map, dict, document

Unsupported Scalar Types

DECIMALxsd:decimalArbitrary precision decimal. Use 2 BIGINTs or VARCHAR
URIxsd:anyURIUnsupported. Use VARCHAR
UUID@json (xsd:string)Unsupported. Use VARCHAR or BLOB

If you strongly feel you need a native representation of one of these types, email us: